Cleint Testimonials


12-03-12; SCORE Counselors: Bernard Port, Sherry Hager
Thank you both for taking the time to meet with me to discuss my situation regarding dealing with COCOAMODA and providing your advice about my options and best course of action. I sincerely appreciate all your thought and consideration on the matter and will be moving quickly to progress through the shortlist of initiatives we identified for first steps. I left our meeting feeling reasonably encouraged relative to how I have been feeling about the situation, and that is a blessing already, of course. Read more

11-25-12; SCORE Counselors: Bernard Port, Sherry Hager
Bernard Port, Sherry Hager and Bill Huff helped create and get off the ground a CEO Forum amongst business owners in the Tomball area (inaugural meeting was Sept. 2010). Much success has come from this partnership. I cannot compliment Mr. Port, Ms. Hager and Mr. Huff enough as to the outcomes from those attending the Forum. Read more